Mechanized Crossdressing Punishment

Mechanized Crossdressing Punishment was the winner of the March 2016 Alpha Lab Game Jam, a game design club at Columbia College Chicago. The title was also chosen by another team using a random game name generator. It was a simple fighting game, and drew a lot of inspiration from Rockem Sockem Robots. The game was developed over a period of two days, using the Unity Engine.

About the Game

Our first task was coming up with a game that matched the title, Mechanized Crossdressing Punishment, no simple task. Eventually we decided to create a simple fighter game, where the combatants were cross dressing robots, that the players could customize. The gameplay was fairly simple, with high low punches and blocks. However, as a fun twist, as your robot loses health, it also loses its cloths.

Mechanized Square Dancing Punishment 2.png


I took more of a leadership role for this project, acting as lead designer as well as a programmer. I organized the other designers and programmers as well as the artists. I worked on the core game mechanics, punching and blocking, as well as the health system.

Mechanized Square Dancing Punishment 3.png


Player Two:

  • "I" High Punch
  • "K" Low Punch
  • "O" High Block
  • "L" Low Block

Player One:

  • "W" High Punch
  • "S" Low Punch
  • "Q" High Block
  • "A" Low Block

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