Spoopy Street

Spoopy Street is a 2D side scroller game created during the October 2015 Alpha Lab Game Jam, a game design club at Columbia College Chicago. The theme of the game jam was Halloween, as the game jam took place the weekend before that dreaded date. We were given two days to develop the game with a team of random members. Spoopy Street was created using the Unity Engine.


About the Game

Unfortunately, when we started the game jam, we realized that of the people who had shown up for our team, none of them were Programming Majors, and that the majority of the designers were freshmen who had little to no experience with Unity or C#. We decided to focus on creating a simpler game, with the goal being to teach the younger students how to use the tools. In the game the player took on the role of a trick-or-treater. The goal of the game was to visit as many houses as possible and collect the most candy, while avoiding the bullies who would steal the player’s candy. The game included an option to choose the costume for the character, along with random placement of decorative objects.



I played the role of both designer and programmer. I worked on the enemy spawning, and movement of both the enemies and the player, as well as the scoring system. I also taught several tutorials on how to do movement and generally how to use the Unity Engine.



  • Use WASD to move.
  • The goal of the game is to collect the most candy by visiting houses before time runs out
  • Watch out for bullies! If they hit you they will steal your candy!

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